For more than 18 years, Aaron Hughston has worked hard keeping Blaine County safe.

We are proud to present the community’s overwhelming support for Aaron Hughston’s candidacy for Blaine County Sheriff. Aaron’s dedication, integrity, and commitment to safety have earned him endorsements from a diverse group of community leaders, law enforcement professionals, and residents. These endorsements reflect the trust and confidence people have in Aaron’s ability to lead with transparency, accountability, and a focus on improving outcomes for all citizens. Join us in supporting Aaron Hughston for a safer, stronger Blaine County.

Some of our Supporters

  • David Aslett
  • Jason Bauman, (R)
  • Justin and Gabby Diedrick
  • Peter and Jane Dyndiuk
  • Debra Hall
  • Kelly Hughston
  • Jeff and Dianne Johnson
  • Carl Johnston
  • Garth Kamp
  • William Kamp
  • Brooke Lang
  • Jesse and Sarah Lurie
  • Justin Myers
  • Greg Stefani
  • Brett Tanferani
  • Lisa Thilmont
  • Judy Townsend